Contact Lenses

At Spectra Optical we offer a variety of different brands, colours and modalities of contact lenses to ensure optimal comfort for our contact wearers. If you are a first time wearer we suggest you book an appointment with us where we can guide you on proper techniques for insertion/ removal of contact lenses and adequate care tips for healthy eyes. Let us help you find your perfect fit!

Contact Lenses are available in 3 different wearing modalities


These contacts are good for 30 days wear from the date they are opened


These contacts are to be changed after 2 weeks from the date they are opened

Daily Disposable

A fresh pair for everyday

Which one is right for me?

Monthly contacts require the most amount of care since they are to be properly cleaned and preserved every day for a period of 30 days. This means that you must clean your contact case accordingly and clean your contact lenses before placing them in the case as well. This practice will prevent any bacterial build up on the contact lens that may occur and inhibit infections and inflammation.

Bi-Weekly contacts, much like monthly contacts are to only be worn for 2 weeks. This means you must clean your contacts in an orderly fashion and keep track of the days that you have worn your contacts. The use of these contacts are not to be extended over 2 weeks as protein deposits build up in the porous structure of the contact lens, which can cause discomfort and strained/red eyes.

Daily contacts are different from both bi-weekly and monthly contacts. This modality allows your eyes to wear a fresh pair of contacts every time. Extended storage is not required for daily contacts as a new pair will always be worn every time. It is as simple as taking it out of the package and tossing them out at the end of the day. Daily contacts are the best as they are the least prone to infections, making them more healthy and allow for a more comfortable wear every single time.